PANGIA playing for Jennifer Cooper

Pangia Article in July, August, September Chronicles p53-

Covid 19 Cancellations! Stay safe and enjoy our music. Video of us playing for Jennifer Cooper with famed Egyptian percussionist Reda Darwish, the excellent Tim Bolling, Shade Siha and Linda Grondahl. Along with  Denise on  keyboards, and Pat on oud, guitar and vocals. The song Pat sings is Greek: Ame Den Se Do ( if I don't see you!)

Mystic Blue Caravan NEWS 

is now available digitally! Go to to purchase. No shipping or handling, no CD to scratch; instant gratification!!!!! Enjoy the music.

Belly Dancer of the Year Finals 

Here is JENNIFER, one of the finalists at Belly Dancer of the Year 2015 Pangia with Tim Bolling played for all of the finalists!

Spring Caravan 2015 

Here is the wonderful dancer Serena Spears dancing with Pangia at Spring Caravan Percussion section: Casey Bond, Sean McGarry and Chuck Eckert.

Pangia with Lida at Tannourine Restaurant 

Music from the Pre Carnival of Stars show by Pangia in San Mateo on August 1 Presented by Andrea Belly Dance. Pangia plays for Lida. Pat Olson Vocals, Denise Keyboards, Mike Fair and Linda Grondahl percussion. Chef Paul's dinner was fabulous!

Spring Caravan 2014 

Here is Lorelie from Danbury, Connecticut dancing to our music. Percussion: Casey Bond, Brian LeDuke, Chuck Eckert. Enjoy!!!!

Spring Caravan Performance 

Philadelphia, PA dancer Shushanna performs to Pangia at Spring Caravan. Featured Vocal from Mystic Blue Caravan, Pangia's new CD! Percussion: Casey Bond and Sean McGarry


Pangia is happy to tell you that their new CD is now available! MYSTIC BLUE CARAVAN, Pangia vol 7 may be purchased by clicking on our 'BUY' and/or 'Music' destination on this website! We are excited about our new effort and hope that you will enjoy our new CD.

Maria at the El Morocco 

Belly Dancer of the Year 2013 Dinner Show. See Maria dance with Pangia here:

BOOKING NOW for 2013/14 

Pangia is now booking 2013/14 dates, domestic and international. Contact us to reserve a date soon!