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Mystic Blue Caravan - PANGIA Vol 7

Pangia: Mystic Blue Caravan - Volume 7

Edges of Tradition - Pangia Vol 6

Pangia - Pat Olson: Edges Of Tradition - Pangia Vol 6

West of East - Vol 5

Pangia: West Of East - Vol 5


Pangia: Dreams - Vol 4


PANGIA: Pangia Vol 3


Pangia: Pangia Vol 2


Pangia: World & Original Music, Vol. I


Edges of Tradition - Pangia vol 6 - CD

'Edges of Tradition' is the newest and most exciting CD from 'PANGIA' offering Traditional, Original and Tribal Belly Dance music. Sensual compositions that include searingly stimulating original taxims that can be used for tribal style along with several traditional songs lovingly arranged and updated that dancers will relish performing to. Acoustic instrumentation including Oud, Guitar, smokey vocals, Yalli Tambor & Cumbus in addition to exotic percussion instruments all played & arranged by Pat Olson.Carmine T.Guida provides four astounding drum solos as well as accompaniment on the entire CD. Keyboard, Turkish Spoons and Zils played by Denise Mannion. This is a CD that showcases the rich, colorful tapestry of World, Mid East and Belly Dance music. There are four complete 'routines' for dancers. Each track can stand on its own and yet all of them may be 'cut and pasted' to create your own selection of music. Beautifully recorded with a truly 'live' sound that performers of different styles of dance and listeners alike with delight in

WEST of EAST vol 5 - Pangia Vol 5

A unique blend of original, tribal and traditional music. Along with exciting drum solos and instrumentation, this CD is thoughtfully crafted for different styles of belly dance and listening alike. Many songs on this CD are featured in the DVD "Legends of American Belly Dance" (

PANGIA 'Dreams' Vol 4

Released in March 06, Vol 4 is a voyage of dreams with many different musical flavors. Nearly an hour of music from Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Lebanon and more with several original pieces as well. Percussion by Carmine T. Guida and drum solos by Erik Brown of Seattle. An incredibly danceable album not to be missed!
CDs & MP3s at CD BABY.


More classic and original songs for the Belly Dancer as well as oud enthusiast. Includes several diverse sections for dance with updated arrangements of songs such as Ghal ya Bouy, Cleopatra, Taxsims, drum solos and many danceable combinations for routines. Featuring Carmine T. Guida on Dumbeck, Bass Dumbeck and riq.
and now available digitally worldwide on Apple itunes, ituneseurope, itunesUK

Pangia VOL 2 - CD

Classic and original songs for the Belly Dancer as well as oud enthusiast. Includes Aziza, Leila, Dere, Jemilleh, Taxsims, drum solos and many danceable combinations for routines. CDs & MP3s available on Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, iTunes UK and Europe and many other digital sites worldwide. Check it out!

Pangia Vol 1

Volume one is available at in DIGITAL format only. The physical CD is currently not available.

What We Do:

Dance & Music for YOUR events. - What We Do!

The gift of music and a beautiful dance from an equally beautiful belly dancer is definitely something unique.

Hiring musicians & a belly dancer is the perfect gift for

* Birthdays
* Retirements
* Anniversaries
* Graduation parties
* Holiday parties
* Pre-wedding , Wedding or Engagement Party
* Company or Group Function or Fund Raiser
* Lecture Demonstration - Informative Events customized for your School or Service Group.
* bridal or baby showers.

Having dancers entertain at parties is an age old custom, an honored tradition in many parts of the world, and for the last quarter of a century, in the United States as well. Belly dancers are hired to celebrate every kind of occasion. A belly dancer with live music played on traditional instruments can help to make your event something special.
This highly entertaining art form is a great crowd pleaser and is always performed in perfectly good taste, always 'family' entertainment. Along with an exceptional performance of Middle Eastern Music & Dance, audience participation can also be part of the fun. A perfect show for any event!

Pangia & Denise work very hard to meet the needs of each and every client, they are sure to be able to perform the perfect style(s) of music & dance for your event. Performances can be designed for almost any type of venue, indoors or out, small stage or large. All performances are always suitable and entertaining for everyone.
Contact us for more information at:
Available for domestic and international shows.

Music licensing for TV and film - More things we do!

Please contact us at: for more information.

Other Products:

Legends of American Belly Dance - DVD

$25+ postage. Available by mail in U.S.A.
Buy by mail from us!
Every dancer should own this DVD!

Pangia Logo T Shirt

100% Black Cotton with Red/Cream Logo in Adult M,L & XL
$20 +$3 ship.