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Buy Vol 2, 3 , 4, 5 & 6 at this great site for independent music cds
Vol 2 & 3 available here at this vast supplier of Middle Eastern titles.
Scheherezade Imports
CD's, DVD's, Supplies and Costumes from a great vendor in Virginia.
Carmine T. Guida
Visit Carmine. It's a very cool site
Richard Hankey
Master Oud Builder Extraordinare! Pat plays one of Richard's ouds! It is a part of our family now!
Rakassah Festivals
The largest belly dance festivals in the world! Fun for the whole family, nonstop shopping, music and fabulous dancing from all around the world!
Volume 2 is now available at many digital sites: Apple iTunes, iTunesUK and Europe, Rhapsody etc.
SHIRA's All About Middle Eastern Dance
A wealth of information that includes constantly updated information on Music, Lyrics, History, costuming and a HUGE Global Directory!